Thank-you for considering making a donation to the Riverview Gardens residence Fund in memory of our father Dr. David Evans. During the later stages of Dad’s illness, he was a resident at Riverview Gardens. During his time at Riverview Gardens, Dad received nothing but compassionate care, love, and kindness. The empathy and love shared with not only Dad, but our entire family, during his final days during these trying COVID times was remarkable.

During that time, we came to be aware that the Riverview facility had a limited number of iPad computer tablets that enables the staff to allow families to communicate and share time with their loved ones during this time of COVID lockdown. In all likelihood video calls will remain the only way for loved ones to see each other for some time for the foreseeable future. Given the limited availability of iPads for this purpose, we felt it would be a fitting way to honour Dad’s love for the medical profession, his patients, and the caregivers at Riverview Gardens by making a donation of multiple new iPads to Riverview Gardens in his remembrance. We would ask that in lieu of flowers that friends and patients consider making a donation in his name for this purpose.

In addition to the above initiative, we are establishing a charitable foundation in Dad’s name. Endowments to The Dr. David Evans Memorial Foundation will be used help fund the caregiver community of Chatham-Kent and provide financial assistance to future medical students who show great promise and share the same passion and commitment to their fellow man.

Thank-you for considering a donation to these worthy causes in remembrance of our Dad, Dr. David Evans.

Please note that receipts for donations will be provided directly from Riverview Gardens. Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your receipt by mail. Thank-you.

A man who came from humble beginnings from the tough side of Glasgow, Scotland, quietly slipped away today with his shining love of nearly sixty years, Caroline, holding his hand. The world lost a light that burned true and bright today. A man who loved life and enjoyed it to the fullest. He had that elusive twinkle in his eye. A twinkle that set him apart from other great men. That twinkle told you he had it figured out and knew what life was about. He understood and lived his life in one true way. Be kind to your fellow man no matter their circumstance. He understood that the true essence of a great man and leader was to do the right thing, even in the face of personal discomfort.

A true renaissance man. He could serenade you on his banjo and sing you a song, recite Shakespeare, debate philosophical truths, dance with an Alligator and quote you the bible. Though he wasn’t religious, his faith was grounded in his fellow man and the belief that we’re all in this together, and if this is all there is, we have an obligation to help each other and lift each other up and treat each other with fairness and kindness. It was the philosophy he lived by that informed his personal and family life and his care and love for his patients. He was a true humanist.

Dad saw the magic and beauty of this life, which is manifested as love. Love of his wife Caroline, his children and grandchildren, and all his friends and patients over the years. He lived every day according to that outlook and expression of love. He understood that poetry, art, passion, romance, beauty and love is what made us human. He led by example and with great personal integrity.

David “Taffy” Evans graduated from the University of Glasgow medical school in 1961 and went on to practice medicine for over 50 years. As a man of commitment he honored his sacred Hippocratic Oath every day. Starting as a house call doctor on the streets of Glasgow and ending his career with the wonderful patients in his family practice in Chatham. Dad touched many people throughout his career. His highlight though was delivering a new baby into this world. Those were his happiest days. And those were happy days for us as well, it usually meant we went to McDonalds for breakfast on those happy mornings, while he floated on the sheer joy of bringing a precious human life into this world.

I can’t tell you how many pictures of sunsets, mountains, flowers and architecture are still sitting unfiled in his picture shoe boxes. It was love of life that led him to take these pictures, marveling at the beauty he would capture in his lens. Stop and look around at this world we live in… it’s magical. Those who believe in magic find it.

Our family would like to acknowledge and thank the entire staff at Riverview Gardens in Chatham. The care they provided to dad over the last 18 months has been exemplary. The kindness, care, empathy and love they have shown both our dad as well as us during this trying COVID period and his passing has been remarkable. It will not be forgotten, these frontline workers put their heart and soul into their jobs on a daily basis. They are owed a debt of gratitude from our entire family and the broader community! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

A private family funeral has taken take place with a Celebration of Life to take place at a later date.

“Life is fleeting. And if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky when the stars are strung across the velvety night, and when a shooting star streaks through the blackness turning night into day, make a wish and think of me.”